Frequently Asked Questions


    Healthcare can never be cost effective unless it is first effective.
    In order to treat patients so that they get better as quickly as possible, as completely as possible and as permanently as possible, I have found that I need to spend the necessary time to perform the treatments that make that happen. I do give receipts that you can submit to your own insurance in order to get reimbursed or at least apply towards your insurance deductible. In order for me to bill insurance companies, I would have to spend less time with patients and hire staff personnel to make sure that I get paid by insurance companies.

    For the initial 2 hour exam and treatment, I charge $290 plus the cost of whatever supplements are needed.
    Follow up treatments are one hour long and I charge $120 for those visits.
    However, if I don't need to spend a full hour to give a complete follow up treatment, I charge less: i.e. $90 for a three quarter hour treatment and $60 for a half hour treatment.

    Ah, that's a good question. Trans-fatty acids that are made through the process of partial hydrogenation are really, really bad for us. And, they stay in the body causing their damage for months after consuming them. Fortunately, in the last few years, the public has been made more aware of this and much of it is being eliminated from processed foods. I just can't say if what is replacing it is much better. Time will answer that.

   Saturate fats have been given a bad rap. Too much long chain saturated fats are not good for us. Medium chain saturated fats such as found in coconut oil don't seem to have any negative health effects and that is what I recommend anyone to cook with.

    Fresh fats known as essential fatty acids. They are called omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Unfortunately, most of the sources of essential fatty acids are not fresh and have become oxidized. I think that is why there are those who are saying that Omega-6 fatty acids are not good for us. Good sources of essential fatty acids are fresh nuts, fresh or frozen ocean fish and grass fed meats. The only source of commercially pressed oils that I recommend is from Omega Nutrition. Just don't cook with it. For cooking, coconut oil is the best because it is not stored in our bodies and is used as an energy source.

    Essential fatty acids or EFA's are "essential" for many physiological functions in the body. They are co-factors for B vitamins. B vitamin deficiency symptoms can be because of lack of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids help control inflammation in the body when they are used to make Prostaglandins "ones" and "threes". When Essential fatty acids become part of cellular walls, they allow needed nutrients into cells such as calcium which helps the immune system, skin health and many other healthy functions.

    Many nut oils and seed oils are good sources of essential fatty acids. Ocean fish is a good source of essential fatty acids. The biggest mistake that people make is getting oils that are not fresh or have become oxidized. Oils that have become oxidized actually create inflammation in the body. That is why I don't recommend fish oil supplements. I do recommend eating fresh or frozen fish. Seed and nut oils that are fresh and protected from oxidation (i.e., exposure to oxygen, heat and light) are healthy sources of essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids should NEVER be used for cooking.
    Coconut oil is probably the healthiest oil for cooking because it is a medium chained saturated oil. That means that coconut oil will not oxidize when heated up for cooking.

    First of all, I have to say that taking iodine supplements when you are NOT fighting a respiratory infection CAN and WILL make you hypo-thyroid. However, when you are fighting a respiratory infection like the cold or flu, you almost can't take too much iodine. The body seems to just use up all the iodine that you can take. I like a liquid form of iodine such as the potassium iodine found in Biotics "Liquid Iodine Forte". The way to take it is to squirt a full squeeze of the liquid iodine solution into your mouth and hold it there for a minute or so. If you take a tablet form of iodine, you need to chew it up. Never swallow iodine tablets. Iodine needs to be absorbed by the parotid gland in the cheeks and not down in the digestive system. The parotid gland then tags the iodine with a protein which then goes to the part of the body that needs it such as the thyroid, or mucous membrane during a respiratory infection. I recommend doing this at the first sign of respiratory illness such as a scratchy or sore throat, coughing or sneezing, or feeling like you are coming down with something. You can do this as often as every 5 minutes until all the symptoms disappear. Often, people become temporarily hypo-thyroid when they are fighting a respiratory illnesses because their immune system is using up all their available iodine. When you are not fighting a respiratory infection, the best source of iodine is ocean seafood such as seaweed or ocean fish.

    I do. I've treated everyone from professional and Olympic athletes to weekend warriors. You've heard the old joke of the patient that goes to a doctor and says "Doc, it hurts when I do this" and the doctor replies "Well, don't do that". I hate that joke. I really work hard to help people get back to doing what they love to do. The hardest thing to do is to try to motivate someone to go out and exercise. I prefer to enable a person to do what they love to do.

    The best exercise is aerobic exercise such as jogging, running, walking, bicycling, cross country skiing, snow showing, etc etc. HOWEVER, any exercise is aerobic only if you follow Phil Maffetone's 180-Formula and use a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors have really become affordable, so their is hardly any excuse not to use one.

    No. Calcium supplements cause some of the most insidious side effects that I have seen as a physician. They reduce acid in the stomach which we need to digest protein and fats. They cause smooth muscle relaxation which causes anything from acid reflux and constipation. There is plenty of calcium in the food we eat. "You are what you eat" is just part of the story. The whole story is "You are what you eat, digest, absorb and assimilate through the hormone system". Calcium is best digested and absorbed from the food you eat when the stomach is making plenty of acid. Most of us are aware that calcium is needed for bones, but even more important, calcium is needed in the soft tissue of the body. Every muscle contraction is only possible with calcium. Calcium is needed for immune health and skin health. Vitamin D moves calcium from soft tissue into the blood stream. Essential fatty acids do the opposite and move calcium from the blood stream into soft tissue. That is why excessive Vitamin D can cause a lot of different health problems especially when most people are deficient in essential fatty acids (EFA's). Calcitonin (a hormone made in the Thyroid gland) moves calcium from the blood stream into bone. Parathormone (hormone produced in the Parathyroid gland) moves calcium from bone into the blood stream. If you follow all that, you might notice that excessive Vitamin D won't hurt bone health because there will be plenty of calcium available in the blood stream to be moved into your bone.

    In general, No. I only recommend Vitamin D supplements to be taken in January and February in the state of Oregon when the skies are dark and gray. With so many Vitamin supplements containing Vitamin D, we are in real danger of overdosing on Vitamin D. There are a myriad of symptoms caused by excessive Vitamin D. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. The only Vitamin D supplement I recommend is Carlson's Cod Liver Oil during those months. Get the lemon flavored, the regular Cod Liver Oil is pretty nasty tasting. An even better source of Vitamin D during those months is to expose yourself to what are called "Reptile Light Bulbs" which are sold in pet stores. They emit UV-B which is the spectrum of sunlight which causes our skin to create Vitamin D. You could also go to tanning booths which have light bulbs that emit UV-B, also referred to as "burning rays".

    No. The biggest mistake people make is thinking that by taking a Multi-Vitamin, they are protecting themselves from eating a poor diet. Nothing could be furthers from the truth. Eat good food. Eat grass fed and free range meat and eggs. Don't believe the marketing hype that is going on by the proliferation of new labels saying "free range". Eat wild ocean fish. Farm raised fish hasn't come up to the standards of ocean fish. Eat green leafy vegetables. Except for onions, leeks, garlic and the like, avoid root vegetables, especially potatoes. Only eat fruit seasonally and after you physically exerted yourself. Fruit juice is as bad for you as any other sugary drinks. Grains are the worst food you could eat, whole grain or not. Root vegetables and grains flood the body with sugar and contribute to all the problems sugar causes.

    Oh boy. Books have been written about this subject. In my observations as a physician, the biggest problem that sugar causes is that it makes the body act like it is in severe stress. When we flood our blood stream with sugar, we produce excessive insulin which then causes the sugar levels to drop dangerously low. Our body then reacts by producing stress hormones which all raise blood sugar to get it back to normal. Five hormones raise blood sugar: glucagon, epinephrine, norepinephrin, coritsol, and growth hormone. Insulin is a storage hormone and the only hormone that lowers blood sugar. It tells the body to turn sugar into fat when we eat lots of it. That is why low fat, high carbohydrate diets cause people to gain weight and have a lot of other health problems.
    Sugar also feeds a lot of bad gut flora and causes a bunch of different digestive health issues.
    If you really want to know the devastating effects of sugar on the body, just look at the myriad health effects that diabetics have.

    Every kind of sugar is bad for you. Fruit, table sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, etc etc. The list is endless. Now, low calorie sweeteners may not cause insulin release when they get into our blood stream, but they do cause the same insulin release that regular sugar causes when we taste sugar. If you eat fruit, I recommend berries (but NOT strawberries) when they are in season.

   I'm not sure if fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) is bad. It is a short chained fiber that tastes sweet. Because it is a fiber (i.e., cellulose) we don't digest it. Only cellulose digesting bacteria in our gut can digest it.

    That's easy. No. However, right after physical exercise, sugar consumed will replenish the sugar used up by our muscle. We store sugar in two places in our body: muscle and the liver. The problem with relying on sugar as an energy source is that we never train the body to burn fat. Fat is the best energy source as it doesn't cause the negative health effects of sugar.

    Just the taste of something sweet like stevia causes your body to release insulin. Insulin is what makes us store fat and convert sugar into fat which we then store. If you are trying to lose weight, stevia may not be the panacea of weight lost. We are really addicted to the tasted of something sweet and anything we can do to break that addiction will help us deal with being over-fat.

    Well, both can be very dangerous to your health. There are two kinds of allergy reactions to foods. One is an IgG mediated immune response, the other is an IgE mediated immune response. Sound the letters out loud IgG: ("Eye" - "Gee" - "Gee") GRADUAL and IgE: ("Eye" - "Gee" - "Eee") IMMEDIATE to remember the difference. The IgE immune response cause what is known as anaphylaxis: i.e. throat swelling shut, lips swelling up, hives, etc. It comes on quickly and can cause death. Some like to refer to this as the only "real" food allergy. IgG immune response to food is also dangerous to your health, just not as quick. Some people don't like to refer to IgG immune reactions to food as allergies and refer to them as "food sensitivities". My problem with this label is it doesn't communicate the severe danger that this type of immune response to food is to our health and well being. You can see the myriad health problems that IgG immune response to food causes here.

    If someone doesn't have an immediately life threatening food allergy, I generally tell people that they can eat foods they are allergic to on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July) and their birthday. That gives the immune system a while to calm down by reabsorbing the anti-bodies to those foods. Some people with highly reactive immune systems shouldn't even eat them at all.

    The allergenic components of milk are in the whey (lacto-albumin and lacto-globulin) or the curds (casein). Cream contains neither of those and is okay to consume from an allergenic perspective. And since butter is made from cream, it is also okay to consume. Cream from grass fed cows is better for you because it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory. Just remember that "half and half" is half milk and contains all the allergenic components of dairy.

    The best thing to do is get a personal HEPA air filter and aim it towards you. They have gotten very reasonably priced lately because they are all made in China now. If you are having problems because of out gassing toxins from a new rug or furniture, you will need a filter that contains a carbon filter in it. Just remember that you need to change the filter cartridge regularly so that it keeps working optimally.

    The problem with "Preventive Medicine" is that while it might actually prevent one particular disease, all too often it causes many other health problems. What I consider much better health care is to promote better health.

    "Anti-aging" has become another type of marketing hype like "Preventative Medicine". Many of the health issues that I have found that we contribute to aging are all too often health issues that can be easily addressed by just promoting good health.

    The first and foremost thing that you can do is to NOT EAT SUGAR, including bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit juice and fruit. That's right, don't drink orange juice. You get plenty of vitamin C from green leafy vegetables. Any kind of stress depresses your immune system and sugar stresses the body a lot.

    I use natural therapies for feet. But, before I start treating feet, I make sure that someone is not deficient in Essential Fatty Acids. Then, I make sure the primary muscles that support the feet (Tibialis Posterior, Tibialis Anterior, Peroneus Longus and Peroneus Brevis) are firing crisply. I look at the problems that shoes and/or orthotics are causing the feet. One, of the problems that orthotics cause is that they separate the forefoot from the hind-foot. Yes, high heels do not feet any good. Then, I adjust the feet.

    Well, obviously it is a person's choice. It's like saying once you see a dentist, you have to see a dentist for the rest of your life. I guess you could just let your teeth fall out. If you find that your health and well being are much improved by seeing a Chiropractor, why not ???

    I've had patient visits where after treating them, all their complaints were resolved. Also, I've had patients that required a few visits of treatment before their problem was resolved. What I find works best is getting to core issue of what is causing problems. Sometimes it is obvious and I can treat a person so it is resolved quickly. Other times, it is like peeling an onion or artichoke: I treat one thing only to find an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with.

    From what I've seen in patients so far, if you are having allergy symptoms such as congestion, coughing, sneezing, etc. I don't see any reason not to take iodine supplements. Just remember to chew tablets or hold a liquid supplement in your mouth for at least a minute. To block the pollen from getting to you in the first place, a personal HEPA air filter can help tremendously especially if you are having trouble sleeping. You don't need a HEPA air filter with a carbon filter. A carbon filter is useful when you have a new carpet put in or get new furniture and need to eliminate the toxins that are out-gassing.

    If you look at the ingredients of asthma medications, you can see that they are basically mimicking the hormones that our adrenal glands produce. My approach to asthmatics is to support the adrenal gland. The most important thing for any person with asthma to do is to eliminate sugar from their diet including foods that turn to sugar like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

    My approach to treating acne is take reduce the amount of detoxing a person's body is doing through their skin. Our skin is our largest organ. When the liver is too overburdened with trying to detox, we will send toxins out through the pores of your skin and end up with acne. The most common reason is IgG type food allergies such as dairy and wheat. Occasionally, doing a liver and / or gall bladder detox can be helpful.

    Yes, I do. Surgery often does not address all the issues that a person needs to have addressed and natural health care like Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology can really make a big difference in a persons return to full function.




JIM BARTLEY, DC DIBAK is a Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist practicing Applied Kinesiology in central and Bend, Oregon who treats conditions such as Sports Injuries, neck pain, back pain, headaches, shoulder problems, elbow problems, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, orthopedic conditions, TMJ jaw or temporomandibular joint problems using natural Chiropractic healthcare and Applied Kinesiology